Humanizing Cybersecurity: A New Approach for Consumers

Humanizing Cybersecurity: A New Approach for Consumers


Humanizing Cybersecurity –Bringing Cybersecurity Branding and Messaging into 2017

Rafael Soberal
EVP, Executive Creative Director

16 February 2017

As the RSA Conference 2017 comes to a close today, IT and security professionals have been bombarded with all the bright and shiny new security solutions all week. With endless security products now available, how do brands make noise in this ever crowded cybersecurity space?

Cybersecurity branding and messaging needs to humanize security. It’s the end of ‘Internet’ security and the beginning of ‘human’ security. Everything we do today is digital so we need a new approach to protect our digital lives within our daily life.

The first way to do this is by demonstrating what you need, why you need it and when you need it. Life is a use case, just choose the moments and correlate with the security products that match their device and digital footprint. From home automation, to social networking, to mobile commerce and more: these are all moments that require secure, uninterrupted protection from unceasing threats, so we can continue doing what we love.

“It’s the end of ‘Internet’ security and the beginning of ‘human’ security.”

Cybersecurity is also a renewal business, and it needs to evolve from physical box products to subscription services that bundle service and support in an easy to buy subscription. This new subscription model can cover unlimited devices against unlimited threats.

Internet security messaging has traditionally been geek talk by geeks, aimed at consumers and SMB buyers. It all seems way too complex without having a straightforward differentiator.  As the cybersecurity market evolves from the traditional 40+ year old male tech buyer to a younger 30+ diverse audience the messaging, design and offering needs to appeal to its younger audience. The focus should be around the customer experience and delivering clear benefits and differentiators, and not so much around product features. Look at Nest and Airbnb – both brands have connected and disrupted legacy industries with products and services for the modern world.

Cybersecurity should be built around humans, not devices. This new approach to security is easy, intuitive, friendly, yet powerful enough to protect against even the worst cybercriminals. Make noise by changing the way we think about security – taking a holistic approach to protecting our digital life.

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